Keeping your borrower informed and up to date through the loan process is crucial to a smooth, seamless experience and will keep your customers coming back.  With Ecinch-L Mortgage Integration stay in touch with your borrower, realtor, title agent or anyone involved with your loan throughout the loan process and for many years after the loan,  Automatically!

Here’s how it works…


The Loan Officer simply inputs the borrower information into your Loan Origination Software (LOS).  The client’s data will then automatically transfer from your LOS to your Ecinch-L Mortgage Platform. The Ecinch-L Mortgage Platform automatically sends crucial marketing and correspondence to your clients.  Amazed by your prompt an professional communication your clients call you back to do more business with you in the future.


It’s as easy as doing what you do every day.  Simply start a loan in your Loan Origination System by importing your borrower’s data as you do every day and let the communication begin. It’s that simple…


There is no need to manage two systems.  Your client’s data will automatically and securley transfer from your Loan Origination Software to your Ecinch-L Mortgage Platform.   Even if you need to add or change something during the loan process the systems will always stay in sync.


As you meet milestones throughout the loan process Borrowers and Business Partners are automatically updated on the status of their loan with custom notifications delivered to them via email and SMS text messages in real time.


The number 1 reason for a past borrowers moving on to another company or loan officer after the loan is lack of communication.  With Ecinch-L Integration, once the loan has been dispositioned, i.e. funded, declined, withdrawn etc., the borrowers will automatically fall into specific, custom branded campaigns that are based on the characteristics of the loan. This keeps you in front of your borrowers for years after with timely information about the type of loan they have, how and when they should refi, credit tips and prospecting campaigns.  With Ecinch-L Mortgage Integration you’ll never have to worry about losing a past borrower or prospect to your competition because they have forgotten about you.


Your Compliance department can rest easy knowing that each and every communication that is sent out will have all of the proper compliance requirements and will be copied to your compliance email inbox to satisfy regulatory retention requirements.