Locate answers to some frequently asked questions below:

Is there any software to install?

No. All Ecinch-L platforms are “cloud based” and no software is required. You can access your Ecinch-L account from any computer with internet access at any time.

Are the Ecinch-L websites secure?

Yes. All Ecinch-L websites have an SSL site certificate and are secure.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. In most cases the subscription is month to month.

Can I get training on the system?

Absolutely! Once you get signed up we will make sure you have all of the proper training and support that you need to navigate through the system with ease. And don’t worry if you are in a remote area. If we can’t meet you in person we can offer training via a screen share / webinar.

Who do I call for help if I need it?

At the top of every page in your Ecinch-L account is the name, phone number and email address of your Sales Consultant. You can contact him or her and they’ll be happy to help.

How many contacts can I have in my database?

You can have as many as you would like up to 6,000 contacts in your account. Contact us if you are looking to have more than 6,000 contacts.

Can I create groups in my database?

Yes! You can breakdown your database into defined groups to pinpoint your marketing efforts for a better customer response. We can create groups at the point of import or choose your clients individually and add them to an existing group.

Will I have the ability to set up drip campaigns?

Absolutely. You can utilize one of our many pre-built campaigns or build your own custom campaign with as many or a few pieces you want and the campaign can run as long as you like.

Can I tell who opened my emails?

Yes. All Ecinch-L platforms include analytics that will track delivered and open rates by recipient. Bounce backs are also identified so that you can keep your database clean.

Can an email recipient opt out?

Yes. Any recipient in your database may choose to unsubscribe from receiving emails from you. When they click on the unsubscribe link you will be notified and they will be placed in a “Direct Mail” only group and blocked from receiving additional emails. They will not be deleted from your database.

Can I buy contact lists and market to them via email?

No. legally to avoid violating the CAN SPAM Act your database must be comprised of past clients or contacts that have opted-in to your database. Violating the CAN SPAM Act can result in the loss of your Ecinch-L account.

Can I print any of the templates?

Yes. Once you have personalized and saved a marketing piece simply click the “print now” tab and the piece is instantly converted into a PDF file that you can print or save to a file for future use.

Can I post marketing material to Social Media?

Yes! Blast your marketing to everyone in your social circles by sharing your marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more and get your message out to everyone you know.

Do I have to order prints from Ecinch-L?

No. You can print any of the marketing materials with your own printer or take the PDF file to any local print shop.

What if I want a custom marketing piece?

We have designers on staff that will create any custom piece or campaign for you for an additional charge. Simply click on the Customer Service tab on the lower left side of your screen and tell the designers exactly what you want. They will create a personalized folder and place the custom material in it just for you.

Can I schedule meetings and appointments with clients in my database?

Yes! The CRM allows you to keep all your appointments at your finger tips. You can schedule…Important Dates – Meetings – Phone Calls & marketing related Tasks. The Ecinch-L system will send you and your clients Reminder Notifications ensuring that neither one will forget their appointment.

Does Ecinch-L’s CRM remind me of birthdays and meetings?

Yes. With the Ecinch-L CRM, you can choose to be reminded of meetings, birth dates, tasks and more.

Can I add contacts to an already active email campaign?

Yes you can. New clients that are added to an already active campaign will start at the beginning of the campaign, while contacts that are already active in the campaign will continue as scheduled.