Spreading the word of God to your congregation has never been easier.

  • Maintain a higher level of communication by easily organizing and managing the members of your church with the Ecinch-L Word.
  • Increase Awareness and Involvement with your parishioners by utilizing the hundreds of Outreach Flyers, Postcards, Announcements and Newsletters.
  • Stay with your congregation throughout the week and keep them in God’s light with the Ecinch-L Word.

The Ecinch-L Word is designed to simplify and improve all areas of communication including; database, design, distribution, tracking and follow-up.

For more information contact us today to see how the Ecinch-L Word can help enhance communication and get your community more involved with your church.

Let us show you how you can improve the quality and consistency of your communication while saving time and money.  Personal demonstrations available.