Communication is the key to any organization looking to keep their clients or members informed about the services you provide.   You can effectively manage and grow your organization with the many marketing and CRM resources Ecinch-L has to offer, all at your fingertips.

Located in the cloud, Ecinch-L is an intuitive and easy to use web based marketing and communication platform.  Ecinch-L combines a robust contact manger with email, print, direct mail and social media and makes it a “cinch” to keep your brand and your message in front of your clients or members.  Fully scalable from a single user to a platform supporting hundreds of users, Ecinch-L helps you systematically build quality leads through consistent marketing and client relation management.

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Ecinch-L  allows you to set up personalized email marketing Flyers, Postcards and Drip Campaigns with ease.  Utilize 100’s of editable templates specifically designed for your business.  Automated holiday, birthday and newsletter campaigns are only a click away as well.  “Click it and forget it”.


Ecinch-L is like having a printing press right at your finger tips.  Choose your Flyer, Postcard or Door Hanger, click to order and have them delivered right to your home or office.


With just a few mouse clicks the Ecinch-L system does everything for you.  No more stuffing, addressing or licking envelopes again for you marketing. Your stationary will be delivered directly to your client with the highest of quality.


Blast your marketing to everyone in your social circles by sharing your marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more and get your message out to everyone you know.


It’s no secret that video is an effective medium for delivering your message with the maximum impact.  Ecinch-L gives you the tools to showcase your video message through Email and Social Media and get more customers engaged in your marketing.


The Ecinch-L platform features detailed email reporting information including delivery rates, open rates, bounce back reporting and campaign trends.  This information allows you to track results, for all email types, so that you can see who’s engaged and interested in your message and who isn’t.


With the Ecinch-L CRM you can work smarter. Collect and organize important information about your customers, including  Important details, Important dates like anniversaries and birthdays, Tasks, Schedule meetings and more. With better information at your finger tips you can analyze and optimize the information about your clients to maximize your results.


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